2020 Symposium on Practical Challenges
in Otolaryngology

February 24 - February 28, 2020, Viceroy Snowmass
Snowmass Village, Colorado

Snowmass Ski

Please join us for the 44th Midwinter Symposium on Practical Challenges in Otolaryngology. This premier meeting, the first otolaryngology meeting of its type, consistently draws an enthusiastic audience, both nationally and internationally.

Each year’s meeting is designed to reflect current, state-of-the-art, practical information on the management of problems in major areas in the specialty of otolaryngology. Individual presentations are always open to interactive questions and discussions.

We look forward to welcoming back those of you who join us in Snowmass each year, and welcoming those who will be new attendees in 2020. An exceptional faculty, program, and conference venue awaits—we hope you won’t miss it!

Barry L. Wenig & Jeffrey R. Janus